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Voel je beter met shiatsu - Vereniging voor iokai shiatsutherapeuten 17.04.2013, 16:45
Shiatsu is een aanvullende geneeswijze waarbij de behandelaar met de duimen en handen druk uitoefent op het lichaam en zo pijnlijke plekken verzacht en vermoeide plekken versterkt. Shiatsutherapie is gebaseerd op eeuwenoude Oosterse geneeskunst en werkt direct op de (verstoorde) energiehuishouding waardoor lichaam en geest weer in balans raken. Pijn, onrust of andere ongemakken - veroorzaakt door overbelasting, een ongeval of stress - verdwijnen. De klant zal zich door shiatsu meer ontspannen, energieker en vitaler voelen.
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For one I would highly reeommcnd seeing your doctor about the medication. It is very damaging to your liver with prolonged use. Ask your doc to get you off them with any other means.In Oriental Medicine, insomnia can be caused by a number of things. It could be that you either have too much going through your mind and you find it hard to shut off, or it could be a nutritional thing that is stimulating your stomach energy.Either way, your body is out of balance. If you can get yourself to an Acupuncturist or a good Shiatsu therapist they should not only be able to help physically with re-balancing things, but also be able to reeommcnd lifestyle changes to help bring you back to balance.I wish I could help but without further information and seeing you personally I would not be able to make a diagnosis. I have successfully treated many people with Insomnia, not one person has had te same treatment plan however.Some good natural remedies that can help include:* Warm milk and nutmeg about 20 minutes before going to bed* A brisk walk and 10 minute cool down with stretches before going to bed*Keeping yourself more active throughout te day so your body actually craves' rest.* Brething and Yoga stretches for the lmphatic system* Avoid stimulants after 7pm (coffee, most tea, sugar)In the end, insomnia is not just a condition that can be fixed with a drug or herb, it is a result of an un-balanced lifestyle, so the way to fix it is changing something with the cause, not the effect.Hope this helps, please let me know how you go

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